Ị Na-asu Igbo: Greetings I

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"Ị NA-ASU IGBO: Basic Greeting offers a simple and effective method of both learning and thinking in Igbo. Basic Greetings provides over 50 commonly used greetings and introductions used in everyday interactions and introductions. Learn Igbo directly in ""Learn Mode"" or challenge your mastery of the set in ""Flash Card Mode"". ""Quiz Mode"" is NOW available! All for FREE. - Over 50 Igbo phrases and expressions - Interactive Design - Native Igbo Speakers - Focus on visual, audible, and text learning. - Creative and fun design - Learn Mode - Flash Card Mode - Track learning statistics - Quiz Mode: Challenge yourself with a 10 or 25 question quiz Instructions: *Learn Mode - Scroll through the list - Click on the word or phrase of your choice to hear its pronunciation *Flash Card Mode - Select a flash card - Choose if you know the Igbo translation of the word or not - Tap the card to flip the flash card over, revealing the Igbo translation - Left/Right slide to move onto the next/previous card - Tap the Sound icon to hear the word again - Cards not answered or not known will repeat until all words in the set are learned - You may reset the flash card data in Settings"